Top 10 Best Restaurants In Mykonos, Greece

Adorno Suites Team

26 September 2019

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From charming little shops dotted along Ornos Bay to sea-side ventures under the Cycladic sun, the best of the Greek cuisine can be found all over Mykonos.

Whether you’re after whatever the local’s order, or flavours and palettes a little more international, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of what the Greek island offer without having to trek too far from your Adorno Suites accommodation.

So, take a read of our top 10 best restaurants in Mykonos Greece for the chance to immerse yourself in a food-inspired adventure unlike any other…

Funky Kitchen

10) Funky Kitchen

Bringing up the rear in our list is a restaurant that could be seen further up the standings.

The eatery in question – Funk Kitchen – is up against a few Greek giants, hence it’s positioning. But, don’t be fooled by its place in our rankings. In Funky Kitchen, you’ll be able to experience a creative fusion on Mediterranean dishes that are far from the norm.

True, it may be served on a secluded outdoor terrace, on a tiny street. But it’s only a nine-minute car ride from Adorno Suites. And the walk is even more immersive, as it’s only 39 minutes from door to door.

Delve into this restaurant and you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the intensity and flavours of the dishes. From seared tuna with eggplant mousse and rack of lamb with cumin fava beans, there is much to explore with the palette when you dine in Funky Kitchen.

Catari, Mykonos

9) Catari

Slighter higher up in our top 10 best restaurants in Mykonos Greece is Catari.

This particular trattoria strays away from the Greek cuisine, justifying our rankings. Yet even with that departure, the eatery still provides some of the best Italian food going.

Indeed, the aromas and spices that seep into the very air of Mykonos Town are telling of the kind of food that Catari offer.

And it’s only a 10-minute drive away from Adorno Suites. But if you’re more of a walker then the 46 minutes from the hotel to the restaurant will give you more time to explore Mykonos Town.

One of the best Neopolitan-style pizzas on the island is what they are offering. Yes, it’s a bit different from what the locals eat, but sitting on the port alongside some of the best bars in Mykonos will be worth every step of the journey.


8) Nammos

If you want to experience a day in the life of what the wealthiest Athenians dine on, Nammos is the place to be.

Surrounded by swanky super yacht’s and cabanas littered across Psarou Bay, this lunch-spot may put a dent in your wallet, but it’ll certainly be worth every penny. The cheapest thing that you’ll do is the 11-minute drive it will take to get there from Adorno Suites. If you really want to take in your surroundings, why not opt for the 46-minute walk?

You’ll get to have an uber-wealthy eating experience. More intriguingly, Nammos is also a pretty sweet place to visit during the evening.

So, why not splash the cash and take a trip around the coast to this Michelin-inspired restaurant?

Kiki's Taverna

7) Kiki

A slightly more affordable eatery in our top 10 best restaurants in Mykonos Greece is Kiki.

And not just cheaper, but also easy to reach from Adorno Suites. A 24-minute drive is all you’ll have to complete to reach this popular spot.

Indeed, this tiny taverna sits atop Agios beach, brimming with popular local eats – and regulars too.

The ‘no reservations’ policy at Kiki and just a few tables add to this, making it a crowded and rowdy affair. Expect long lines snaking out the door. But given the quality of the food, it’s a line many will queue in for hours to claim themselves scrumptious Mykonian bites.

Even if all the food is grilled, owing to a lack of power, it’s more flavourful, more tender, and crisper.

Once you’ve ordered and paid, you’ll be able to take your grilled eggplant and freshly-baked bread outside in front of the setting sun and sea-view.

Not bad for a restaurant that has no electricity.

Niko's Taverna

6) Nikos Taverna

Nikos Taverna comes in at sixth place – a restaurant that’s been going strong for 40 years. And one that even featured in the Mykonos-featured film, Shirley Valentine.

Easily accessible in the main square, only an 11-minute drive from Adorno Suites, and a block away from the marina? Expect the best of the Greek cuisine to be served here. Opt for the 44-minute walk instead and you could also get a glimpse of the fresh catches from the sea being made.

And it’s the same recipes being used with the catches from Nikos’s inception in the 1980s. The likes of lamb kleftiko and grilled seafood have very rarely changed over the years.

So, take a stroll down some of the best beaches in Mykonos and enjoy the most authentic Greek food around with Nikos Taverna.


5) Kazarma

This old classic was recently renovated. Now a revamped eateries, bursting with many different cuisines, there are very few who will contest Kazarma’s inclusion in our top 10 best restaurants in Mykonos Greece.

What’s more, the cooking on offer has been rejuvenated by talented Italian cooks. Under their steady watch, the food has received raving reviews all round.

Not only does Kazarma provide an extensive menu and dining options, but the spot also presents you with a view unlike any other. Overlooking picturesque harbours and fishing boats, you’ll be able to see exactly where your dinner is caught.

All in all, an absolute Mykonos must if you’re looking for a quiet and elegant dinner for two.

Indian Palace, Mykonos

4) Indian Palace

If you’ve had far too much Greek food and are looking for a little break, then look no further than Indian Palace.

Now, finding authentic Indian food can be hard enough. But having a respected Indian chef based in Athens to provide you with the ins and outs of the Indian cuisine means you’re guaranteed a good time – which is what makes this place so good.

Located halfway between the Tropicana Beach Bar and Cavo Paradiso nightclub, this cultural hotspot entertains your palate with excellent curries, fire-stoked naans, and a whole host of traditional dishes from dal makhani and chana masala that warm up your insides.

And what’s great is that it’s only a 16-minute drive from Adorno Suites. Although, the 45-minute walk may provide more of a build-up to the aromas and spices permeating the air.

Interni, Mykonos

3) Interni

This courtyard restaurant wagers in at the third place in our rankings, and rightly so.

A serene garden setting, designed by the renowned Paola Navone is what’s on the table. Combine this with the Mediterranean cuisine on hand, featuring international flavours and techniques and there’s very little to complain about.

From fresh yellowfin tuna to glazed risotto and lobster, no expenses are squandered to ensure that the customer – you – is pampered.

So, if you’re enjoying Adorno Suite’s bites and drinks and want to follow up with something just as amazing, Interni is the place to go to.

All you have to do is drive for 11 minutes from Adorno Suites and you’ll be able to immerse yourself into this eatery. Opt for the 42-minute stroll and you’ll get to enjoy the best of the Greek outdoors.

Matsuhisa restaurant

2) Matsuhisa Restaurant

Just missing out on top spot is one of the most professional eateries in the world, let alone Mykonos Greece: Matsuhisa Restaurant.

This particular eatery is inspired by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese-South American roots. Here you can expect a refreshing culinary style. Indeed, the focus is on fresh, local ingredients, seafood to match, and creativity and flair from the cook himself.

And aside from the food, the drinks are just as satiating. The wine cellar alone at Matsuhisa has won awards and provides an extensive list of old and new collections to whet your palate.

Combine the food and wine with a view that exposes hillside houses and the Aegean Sea and there’s not much more you can ask for.

Diving into local art or visiting museums such as the Aegean Maritime Museum and Archaeological Museum of Mykonos are just some of the options.

Spilia Seaside restaurant

1) Spilia Seaside

Leading the charge in our top 10 best restaurants in Mykonos Greece is none other than Spilia Seaside.

Operating as one of the most dramatic settings in Mykonos, this seaside restaurant is perched on the rocks of Agia Ann by the Kalafatis beach. As one of the best beaches to visit in Mykonos, Greece, it’s worth coming just for the view.

It’s got to be one of the most breath-taking dining spots. And the food is just as tantalising to match.

Spilia (which translates to the cave) focuses on Mediterranean-Mykonian cuisine, in particular seafood. Everything served comes straight from the water to your plate, whether that\s oysters, mussels, urchins or lobster.

It does not get better than freshly-caught food, made right in front of you, served under the setting sun.



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