Traditional Greek restaurants in Mykonos

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02 June 2022

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Most people’s motivation when visiting Greece is the guaranteed summer sun, pristine, clear waters and white sandy beaches. But a key element to any holiday should be sampling the local cuisine. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best, most authentic and traditional Greek restaurants in Mykonos. So have a read through and see if there’s any you’ve missed that you can visit on your next trip to one of Greece’s most popular islands.


Found in the narrow streets of Little Venice, Pepper is the perfect place to stop off and grab a spot of lunch while out exploring. You’ll find a few small tables outside and a handful inside, so it’s not a huge space, which does something to add to its charm. With a super simple menu, utilising high quality ingredients and having an open kitchen where all the food is prepared fresh, this is one of the top traditional souvlaki Greek restaurants in Mykonos. Whatsmore, it won’t hurt your pocket either, making it an ideal pit stop on your travels.

Niko’s Taverna

Found just around the corner from Pepper, nearer to the port, Niko’s Taverna is a great spot to soak up the sun while enjoying quality food. It’s one of the bigger establishments in the area and operates a walk in only policy, meaning you’ll have a good chance of getting a table. This traditional taverna has been open since 1976 and slowly gotten bigger and bigger, with tables spilling out from the large street right up to the square – a testament to this restaurant’s popularity. Offering freshly cooked seafood and other standard traditional dishes such as lamb kleftiko, you’ll be sure to enjoy a meal here. Keep an eye out for the pelican that occasionally turned up in search of some food donations, too!


Located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Lakka, in the heart of old town Mykonos, Bakalo is a traditional Mykonian house that dates back all the way to the 18th century. The charismatic restaurant offers diners a menu full of traditional Greek food, containing flavours from every corner of Greece. It also boasts a beautiful inner courtyard, which provides an intimate, al fresco ambience without having to be in earshot of passersby. If you’re staying in the old town, or even if you’re just passing through, you have to stop in to Bakalo to experience one of the best Greek restaurants in Mykonos.

Katerina’s Bar

Located in the delightful Little Venice area of Mykonos town, Katerina’s is popular with tourists and locals alike. Offering a selection of delicious local Greek and Mediterranean food, this charismatic eatery is truly an experience for the taste buds. If possible, get there early and try getting a table on the balcony for unrivalled views of the iconic Mykonos sunset. Even if you can’t get on the balcony, the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant is sure to give you those perfect holiday vibes. If you’re in and around the town at any point during your visit, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Katerina’s.

Kiki’s Taverna

The north of the island isn’t as popular in terms of holiday resorts, however travellers and locals alike descend on Agios Sostis Beach to visit this famous local eatery. Overlooking a small swimming cove and offering spectacular views of the adjacent part of the island, patrons can take in the sights as they await their table. Offering the usual dishes such as octopus, swordfish and many other types of seafood, as well as grilled pork chops, you can be sure you’ll get authentic Greek cuisine and it will be worth the trip if you’re travelling from elsewhere on the island. Make sure this is one of the Greek restaurants in Mykonos that you visit!


Back in the heart of Mykonos’ town you’ll find the picturesque Familia. This wonderful eatery is located in the beautiful Goumeniou Square, which is framed with stunning pink bougainvillea, making it the ideal spot for an Instagram snap! Enjoy authentic Greek Mediterranean food with meats, salads, fish, risotto and homemade pasta the highlights of a delicious menu. Make sure you save some room for dessert and tuck into the mouth watering praline pastries with caramelised hazelnuts. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some lunch in the sun, or a romantic evening meal with your other half in the centre of Mykonos’ infamous night scene.


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main town, a trip to Karteri should definitely be on your to do list. This small, traditional Greek restaurant is set back from where most of the action is, offering stunning, scenic views across the town and the sea. For those seeking a romantic meal, a trip to Karteri at sunset is sure to set the tone for a lovely evening. Take your pick of delicious delicacies from Greece and the Mediterranean as you enjoy a soothing glass of wine in one of the most stunning settings available in Mykonos.

Stasi Diethnes

If you’re on the lookout for authentic, home cooked Greek cuisine, then Stasi Diethnes will not disappoint. Located in Platis Gialos, away from the main town on the south of the island, this popular restaurant can certainly be defined as a hidden gem in Mykonos. At Stasi Diethnes you can experience Greek and Mediterranean food just how Mama makes it, giving it that genuine, authentic feel. There are even vegetarian and gluten free options on the menu, making it a restaurant that caters for many different tastes and preferences. Be sure to make this one of your stops if you’re touring the island of the winds.

Tasos Taverna

For those looking for something much closer to the sea in the Platis Gialos area, Tasos Taverna is the ideal stop off. Founded in 1962, it’s one of the oldest and most traditional tavernas on the island of Mykonos. Situated right on the stunning waters of Paraga beach, the taverna is protected from the strong northern winds which makes the area so popular with water sports enthusiasts. It’s the perfect place for a spot of lunch after a day of sunbathing or swimming in the turquoise waters. The best part – it won’t cost you an arm and leg, despite being in such a fantastic location. All of this is what makes Tasos Taverna one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Mykonos.


If you need to satisfy an urge for top quality, freshly prepared seafood, then Koursaros has to be on your list. It’s definitely on the higher end of this list in terms of cost, but you certainly get what you pay for here. The restaurant, located just off of Little Venice in the centre of Mykonos town, is designed to represent a Corsair’s ship. Situated in a beautiful spacious garden, Koursaros promises an unforgettable dining experience for its guests, with many authentic flavours of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit this classy establishment if you find yourself in the centre of Mykonos town.


The north west part of Mykonos is known for its busy port, which welcomes cruise ships daily throughout the year. Just a stone’s throw away in Agios Stefanos, Limnios offers visitors the opportunity to sample original Mykonian flavours from its impressive menu. Limnios is one of the top choices for those who are searching for good quality food in an intimate environment. With over 20 years of experience, and now spanning its second family’s generation, the tavern offers authentic Greek and Mykonian dishes that won’t break the bank. If you’re on a cruise that’s set to stop at Mykonos, Limnios is a must visit for lunch or an evening meal.

Avli tou Thodori

We end our list of the most popular Greek restaurants in Mykonos with Avli tou Thodori. This wonderful, family run restaurant overlooks Platis Gialos Beach, one of the most popular beaches on the island. Being in such a prominent position, this eatery has developed its menu to blend the finest Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the menu, with all of the usual seafood favourites you’d expect, along with delicious meze and mouth-water baklava. You’ll love this soulful restaurant so much, you’ll struggle not to return during your time in Mykonos.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Mykonos soon, be sure to note down the best Greek restaurants in Mykonos and visit as many as you can from our list. You might come home with a little extra weight, but isn’t that the point of vacations? Especially if you combine it with relaxation in a luxury hotel in Mykonos, then surely your accommodation in Mykonos will be unforgettable. Start looking into how to get to Mykonos and then the rest of the details of your trip. The island will reward you.




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